Female Half Marathon Newbie 2017 – Rhoda Martin

Rhoda Martin

Rhoda has never completed a half marathon but does have other running experience so she will be following the intermediate plan.

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See the updates below to keep up with Rhoda’s progress!

September 21

What has been your longest run to date? My longest run to date has been 12 miles.
How many miles are you running a week now? My weekly run totals average between 20-27 miles, depending on circumstances.

Have you been eating/drinking anything special during your long runs or other training runs? I now use a Nathan Race Hydration vest during runs that are over 6 miles. I was surprised by the difference this made! I also refuel every 3 miles with Extreme Sports Beans.

Have you had difficulty keeping up with your schedule because of heat, vacations, or anything else? I’m not sure that I’ve had difficulty keeping up with the training schedule but there are times when my body has drawn the line and I have benefited from skipping a scheduled shorter run.

Do you have a stretching routine or a special stretch you like? I do have a lower body stretching routine that is largely adapted from Chalene Johnson’s PIYO program. And my favorite stretch is the Pigeon pose because it relieves the tightness in my hips.

Do you listen to music on any of your runs? If so, what type of music? I do listen to music while I run and my playlist ranges from 70s/80s rock to contemporary praise & worship hits.

Do you have a favorite route you like to take – trail, neighborhoods, etc; or a route you avoid? I try to vary my route for each run because I get bored easily but my options are limited. I spend most of my time on the rolling back road hills of Fauquier County.

Anything new in your training come up that is concerning you? Nothing new has come up in my training that I can think of.

Has anyone else that you know started running because of your training? To my knowledge, no one that I know has taken up running as a result of my training.

Learn anything new in your training that you would like to pass on to others? I think the element that took me by surprise the most was hydration. I drink around 100 oz of water a day as part of my daily routine, so I assumed that would carry me through. But as soon as I added the Hydration vest to my training, my pace per mile became more consistent. Plus, I was taking in an additional 30-50 oz of water while running.

Do you have any questions regarding your training or running in general? So my mind is already set on race day and I’m thinking about training beyond October 1. The Prince William Half is my last race goal for 2017 and I haven’t yet established my 2018 goals. I know I want to take the week post race, off, to rest. So my question is, how should I ease back into some form of training going into fall/winter?

July 27

IMG_0653Have you been following the Prince William Half training schedule we provided you? If not, why and describe what you have been doing instead? 

I have been following the Prince William Half training scheduled provided to me. With the exception that I shifted the long mileage days to Monday’s because it works best for my family’s schedule.

Have you had any setbacks or injuries? 

No setbacks or injuries so far!

What has been your biggest challenge? 

My biggest challenge has been trying to add in cross training on my non-run days. It’s purely mental. I know I need it but sleep seems so delicious on those days. (I’m an early morning workout kind of girl, too easy to talk myself out of it as the day progresses).

Do you have any concerns/doubts about your training? 

While I don’t have any concerns/doubts about my training per se, there are some days that 13.1 miles seems laughable at this stage.

What have you enjoyed the most about your training? 

The most enjoyable thing about my training to date is that two of the weeks were spent in South Carolina. It was nice to have a change of terrain and view. I get bored with repetitive routes.

Any surprises or anything interesting that you have learned so far about yourself or in your training? 

I have learned one thing recently pertaining to hills! If I widen my stride and strike side to side, I can take a hill faster and with less effort.

June 12

rhoda2When I started running 2 years ago, the purpose was two-fold. I needed something simple to get me outside and active. At the same time, I realized that my youngest child was going to be athletically inclined and I wanted to be able to connect with her in that area. So I downloaded a couch to 5k app and started there.

What is your biggest hurdle to working out/running?

Currently, my biggest hurdle in working out/running is proper balance in my nutrition and supplements. Trying to be sure that I eat properly to fuel my body has been tricky. There are workouts where I can tell that I haven’t provided my body with what it needs to go the distance. And there are other workouts where I know I over did it and it slows me down. Rarely do I find that sweet spot that is just right. 

What is your long-term running goal?

This is where I’m supposed to say that I’m striving toward something grand like a full marathon or a Ragnar race but at present time, my long term running goal is simply to not burn out. I enjoy running and I love how I feel post-run. I don’t want to lose that passion. I still want to enjoy running years from now and I want to have a body that isn’t too worn out to do so. 

What is your current running routine and have you ever run in a race before?

I run 19.5 miles per week. Yes – first 5k in 2015, 3 5ks in 2016, 10k trail run 2017.

Why do you want to do the Prince William Half Marathon?

It’s the next logical goal to set, wanted to run the first annual last year but was out of town.

Tell us something interesting about yourself…

This time two years ago, I couldn’t walk up and down the stairs in my home due to chronic illness but I’ve worked hard to become a runner.