Male Half Marathon Newbie 2017 – Marc Mullen

Marc Mullen

Mark has never completed a half marathon and does not have much running experience so he will follow the beginner plan. 

Click here to view Marc’s suggested training plan. This training plan is provided by The Running Store in Gainesville, VA.

See the updates below to keep up with Marc’s progress!

September 22




What has been your longest run to date? 12 miles

How many miles are you running a week now? 10-12

Have you been eating/drinking anything special during your long runs or other training runs? Gummies from The Running Store and eating raisins during my runs.  Drinking Rehydrate after my runs has also helped.  Since increasing mileage I have increased my carb intake before my runs which has given me the energy and has made my long runs successful.

Have you had difficulty keeping up with your schedule because of heat, vacations, or anything else? My training has been pretty consistent with my training plan.  I have adjusted when I run due to the heat.  My normal runs are now in the mornings 

Do you have a stretching routine or a special stretch you like?  The first part of my training I was doing normal warm-ups and stretches before running.   Once I reached 9 miles I have been stretching with my trainer right before a long run.  It has made a huge difference. 

Do you listen to music on any of your runs? Listen to all music as long as it’s fast pace.  I Heart Radio is my go to.

Do you have a favorite route you like to take – trail, neighborhoods, etc; or a route you avoid? My normal route has been Rollin’s Ford, Linton hall.  My short runs have been around my neighborhood.   

Anything new in your training come up that is concerning you? In the beginning of my training my IT band was hurting which caused some challenges but after stretching, eating right and refueling while running has helped with any issues.

Has anyone else that you know started running because of your training?  I’m very excited there will be a group of us running the half together – Krisi, Ellen, Virginia, So Brown and our newest member Michael. 

Learn anything new in your training that you would like to pass on to others? The biggest thing that I have learned is running in a group is always the best.  When you’re ready to slow down or give up you have someone in your corner cheering you on. Which as kept me motivated to keep moving?  Stay consistent with your training, don’t start off to fast or increase mileage too soon.  

Do you have any questions regarding your training or running in general? I am happy to say that following my training plan consulting The Running Store about what shoes to buy and reaching out to my trainer throughout my training all my questions have been answered.



July 27

Have you been following the Prince William Half training schedule we provided you? If not, why and describe what you have been doing instead? 

So far I have been following the training plan.  There has been a slight modification if I have to work late.

Have you had any setbacks or injuries? 

Been very fortunate and have not had any setbacks or injuries

What has been your biggest challenge? 

So far my biggest challenge has been getting the running in before it gets too hot.

Do you have any concerns/doubts about your training? 

No Concerns/doubts about my training

What have you enjoyed the most about your training? 

So far what I have been enjoyed most about my training is being able to run with my friends.  Giving my gym mates a weekly update of my training.  

Any surprises or anything interesting that you have learned so far about yourself or in your training? 

I have been following the training plan.  My biggest question is how do I get over the 6 mile hurdle.*

*Running Coach Mary Davison of The Running Store has this advice for Marc: To get over the 6 mile hurdle, really slow down your pace significantly (especially in the high heat and humidity) since it sounds like you tend to start too fast….which makes going the longer distances harder. Long runs are about building endurance. For the first time tackling a new distance, set out to run MUCH slower than you have been on your daily runs. Run at a pace in which you can still easily talk.  Run with slower people to help you stay on the slower pace which will also help the run to go by more quickly.

June 12

marc2What made you start running in the first place?

Two of my best friends inspired me to run – Brian that I did my first ever 5k with; and Kristi who inspires me everyday to work hard and stay focused. After doing my 5K, I fell in love with being outdoors and feeling accomplish. Running is my time where I regroup and prepare for the day and week. It has become my happy place.

What is your biggest hurdle to working out/running?

Being a Realtor and Restaurant manager I am always on the go. Being able to schedule the time in to run/ workout is my biggest hurdle.

What is your long-term running goal?

My long term running goal is to complete a full marathon under 3 hours.

What is current running routine and have you run in any races?

5 miles a week. Yes – a 5k.

Why do you want to run the Prince William Half Marathon?

Since I started running a few months ago I get excited every time I run.

Tell us something about yourself…

I was never a runner but have improved my pace and would love to complete this with high standards.